At Morada, we know good produce begins in the field. That is why we zero-in on innovation, invest in modern techniques and share our hard-earned expertise. We care about our fields, our grower community and the bounty we collectively produce.

Food Safety Program

We invest an abundant amount of time, energy and resources into our food safety program. In doing so, we can assure consumers are getting a product that is free of chemical, physical and biological contamination. Our program consists of modern methods of sanitation supported by environmental, product and MRL testing to achieve the highest possible standards.


When it comes to certifications, we go above and beyond to maintain local, state and national standards. A testament to our commitment, we have consistently achieved remarkably high scores during third party audits. Morada Produce Company is also Organic, Kosher and Halal certified.



The pride we take in growing the freshest produce may start on the farm; but it continues well beyond as we process our products as well.

For example, it is critically important that cherries are handled with the utmost care. As product is delivered, samples are taken from each receiving lot and go through two processes utilizing the latest technology. The samples are analyzed for firmness and then processed through a state-of-the-art optical sorter, analyzing size, color, defect recognition and brix (sugar levels) – all to ensure we are delivering the freshest and sweetest fruit possible. Each sample taken is evaluated with customized software, and accurate quality control reports are generated and reviewed by production and sales teams.

This commitment and suite of resources and tools for safe, quality food are carried across all our food products.


When it comes to sustainability we believe in a holistic approach – social (caring for our people), environmental (caring for our planet) and economic (caring for our business). For us, this means employing a science-based agricultural framework. We strive to decrease our impact on the environment while producing the highest quality produce and investing in our local community.

Water Reduction

We have an extensive focus on wastewater reduction, including re-using 100% of our cherry processing water to irrigate a neighboring walnut orchard. Additionally, this neighboring orchard, farmed by a company managed by the Foppiano Family, utilizes neutron probe ground moisture indicators and a modern micro-emitter sprinkler system for a water-reducing custom irrigation application. This ecosystem may be complex; but we know it’s important to ensuring we manage and maximize our water use.



Renewable energy is a key component of our sustainability efforts. We installed a 400kw solar array to cover our packing sheds and 150-space parking lot. The system currently generates 40% of our power.


We know our people and our community are our greatest asset. Its critically important to us that we are active and support community endeavors. One of our hallmark initiatives is the support we provide to our local agricultural education initiatives. It is our goal to spread the roots of sustainable farming to future generations of growers and consumers of the nutritious produce that feeds our world. Another facet of our social responsibility is our focus on Morada employees and partners. We believe investing in their growth and supporting their wellbeing is critical and as a result, we continuously exceed expectations on third party ethical and social responsibility audits.

Sustainability has been built into the culture of Morada Produce. Our investment in intentional practices has allowed us to both blaze the trail and continuously adapt in the growing movement of sustainability, considering it a journey to travel rather than a destination to reach.

It is our goal to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the industry and create a sustainably beneficial relationship with our customers, employees and Mother Nature.


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